27th Dec 2018, Top Gk Current Affairs MCQs

India’s first music museum to be set up in ________.

A.Karnataka B.Tamil Nadu C.Maharashtra D.Kerala

Correct Ans:Option B

According to RBI data, about how many billion pieces of ₹20 banknotes were in circulation in March 2018?

A.14 B.11 C.12 D.10

Correct Ans:Option D

Who inaugurated as many as 158 development projects in Lucknow on the 95th birth anniversary of late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee?

A.Rajnath Singh B.Suresh Prabhu C.Arun Jaitley D.Nitin Jairam Gadkari

Correct Ans:Option A

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the longest rail-cum-road Bogibeel bridge in _________.

A.West Bengal B.Haryana C.Assam D.Odisha

Correct Ans:Option C

India’s annual immunisation growth rate has risen to _________ per cent under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mission Indradhanush.

A.Five B.Four C.Seven D.Nine

Correct Ans:Option B

Mission Indradhanush is related with ______?

A.Research B.Rural Development C.Child Vaccination D.Higher Education

Correct Ans:Option C

Which state assembly recently passed anti-mob violence bill?

A.Meghalaya B.Tripura C.Manipur D.Assam

Correct Ans:Option C

US Defence Secretary, who resigned over policy differences with President Trump was _______.

A.James Mattis B.Patrick Shanahan C.Sonny Perdue D.James Richard Perry

Correct Ans:Option A

How much amount has been recently approved by Maharashtra govt for Tembhu irrigation scheme?

A.Rs 2,089 crore B.Rs 3,089 crore C.Rs 1,089 crore D.Rs 4,089 crore

Correct Ans:Option D

The organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games unveiled the latest version of the Games’ budget. The new budget has kept the estimate unchanged at $_____ billion from last year.

A.14.3 B.12.1 C.13.2 D.10.4

Correct Ans:Option B

Who was named as Indian women’s ODI captain for the tour of New Zealand, which begins on January 24?

A.Jhulan Goswami B.Smriti Mandhana C.Mithali Raj D.Harmanpreet Kaur

Correct Ans:Option C

Which country will end the year as No. 1 ahead of world champions France in the global rankings released by FIFA recently?

A.Belgium B.France C.Brazil D.Croatia

Correct Ans:Option A

How many crores did Strong rupee pulls in capital markets via foreign investors?

A.Rs 4,000 crores B.Rs 3800 crores C.Rs 2500 crores D.Rs 3600

Correct Ans:Option A

——– and Turkey agreed on avoidance of power vacuum in Syria?

A.USA B.Pakistan C.Indonesia D.France

Correct Ans:Option A

Which country to contribute actively in Maharashtra development projects with tourism enhancing cultural ties?

A.China B.Pakistan C.Saudi Arabia D.Indonesia

Correct Ans:Option A

How many states are States Among Best Performing States Under Maternity Benefit Programme: WCD?

A.3 B.5 C.6 D.7

Correct Ans:Option A

Who Confers Skoch Golden Jubilee Challenger Award?

A.Shri Arun Jaitley B.Shri Suresh Prabhu C.Shri Vijay Krishnan D.Shri Rajesh Sharma

Correct Ans:Option B

How many awards did Indian Railways Bags For Energy Conservation

A.17 awards B.19 awards C.25 awards D.35 awards

Correct Ans:Option A

The book A Rural Manifesto Realising Indias Future through her Villages authored by BJP MP Varun Gandhi released in ———–?

A.Bengaluru B.Chennai C.New Delhi D.Hyderabad

Correct Ans:Option A

InSight lander places its first instrument (SEIS) on ————–?

A.Mars B.Jupiter C.Saturn D.Earth

Correct Ans:Option A

For which bank, P.V. Bharathi was Appointed as MD and CEO?

A. Axis Bank
B. Yes Bank
C. Corporation Bank
D. Indusland Bank
Answer: Option C

Kalu police station placed in the list of best performing police stations across the nation. It was located in __________.

A. Rajasthan
B. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
C. West Bengal
D. Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Option A

Where was the first meeting of the Follow-up Committee held?

A. Iran
B. India
C. Afghanistan
D. Pakistan
Answer: Option A

Tsunami stuck coastal towns in ________ on 22 December 2018.

A. Indonesia
B. Malaysia
C. Maldives
D. Thailand
Answer: Option A

Who was appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh?

A. Riva Ganguly Das
B. Shivshankar Menon
C. Preeti Saran
D. Vikas Swarup
Answer: Option A

Turkmenistan launched its first messaging app on 24 December 2018. It was named as;

A. TurTan
B. Nimbuzz
C. Kakao
D. BizBarde
Answer: Option D

Researchers have developed the world’s smallest ___________ board game by using dynamic DNA origami tiles.

A. Chess
B. Tic-tac-toe
C. Checkers
D. Stratego
Answer: Option B

InSight lander places its first instrument (SEIS) on?

A. Pluto
B. Jupiter
C. Mars
D. Saturn
Answer: Option C

Who bagged the Indian-style prestigious wrestling championship ‘Maharashtra Kesari 2018’?

A. Baron Corbin
B. Bala Rafique Shaikh
C. Saurav Gurjar
D. Seth Rollins
Answer: Option B

Which state is the venue of the 106th Indian Science Congress?

A. West Bengal
B. Odisha
C. Punjab
D. Maharashtra
Answer: Option C

Bharat Ratna and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday is celebrated as Good Governance Day across the country on ___________.

A. 22 December
B. 23 December
C. 24 December
D. 25 December
Answer: Option D


PM Narendra Modi inaugurated 4.94-kilometer long bridge in Assam recently, It was named as;

A. Naranarayan Setu
B. Bogibeel bridge
C. Kolia Bhomora Setu
D. Jubilee Bridge
Answer: Option B
Mission Indradhanush was launched for a targeted approach to immunisation in India. It was related with __________.

A. Female infanticide
B. Child Vaccination
C. Rural Development
D. Higher Education
Answer: Option B
Which of the following become the first state in the country to appoint out-of-state trade representatives.

A. Andra Pradesh
B. Maharashtra
C. Odisha
D. West Bengal
Answer: Option B

Which state launched a AAUY scheme, where the each household in the state will be able to avail medical treatment of up to 5 lakh rupees annually?

A. Haryana
B. Bihar
C. Uttarkhand
D. Assam
Answer: Option C

Which two countries agreed on avoidance of power vacuum in Syria?

A. US and Turkey
B. Iran and US
C. North Korea and Egypt
D. Ukraine and US
Answer: Option A

This country launched first satellite for space-based broadband to rival Google.

A. Denmark
C. China
D. Canada
Answer: Option C