28th Dec 2018 GK Top current Affairs MCQs

Name the Indian born who won the Junior Debate Championship at the World Scholar's Cup held at Yale University.
A.    G.Sarda
B.    Aadi Sai Vijaykaran
C.    Tarun Jhunjhunwala
D.    Yadav
Answer: Option B

Sulagitti Narasamma, who passed away recently, was the renowned social worker of which state?
A.    Kerala
B.    Karnataka
C.    Andra Pradesh
D.    TamilNadu
Answer: Option B

Who was appointed as the Executive Director of Allahabad Bank?
A.    Manish Chandan
B.    Rujuta Dev
C.    K Ramachandran
D.    Shikha Sharma
Answer: Option C

Who organised a Swachch Bharat Grand Challenge in New Delhi, recently?
A.    NITI Aayog
B.    DIPP
C.    SEBI
D.    CII
Answer: Option B

Which state government renamed Child Care Institutes as Jagannath Ashrams recently?
A.    Haryana
B.    Tamil Nadu
C.    Odisha
D.    Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Option A

The third Dwijing Festival begins in the state of;
A.    Arunachal Pradesh
B.    Assam
C.    Nagaland
D.    Mizoram
Answer: Option B

Who has been appointed as India's Chief Boxing Coach?
A.    Suranjoy Singh
B.    Paramjeet Samota
C.    Zoramthanga
D.    C A Kuttappa
Answer: Option D

Name the first female speaker of Fiji's Parliament, who died on 22nd December 2018.
A.    Dr. Jiko Luveni
B.    Dr. Maria Jude
C.    Anne Benard
D.    Edie Van De Camp
Answer: Option A

How many islands will be renamed in the Andaman and Nicobar to mark the 75th anniversary of Netaji's visit to the islands?
A.    3
B.    4
C.    5
D.    6
Answer: Option A

Andhra Pradesh gets it new High Court in __________.
A.    Amaravati
B.    Guntur
C.    Vijayawada
D.    Rajahmundry
Answer: Option A
'Bharat Ratna Atal Bihar Vajpayee International Schools' for students in rural areas was launched by;
A.    Uttar Pradesh
B.    Jharkhand
C.    Haryana
D.    Maharashtra
Answer: Option D
Madhya Pradesh State government has declared this wildlife sanctuary as a national park, recently.
A.    Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary
B.    Karera Wildlife Sanctuary
C.    Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary
D.    Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary
Answer: Option C
Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir Dr. Hamidi Kashmiri passed away recently. He is famous in which of the following language?
A.    Urdu
B.    Sanskrit
C.    Bengali
D.    Gujarati
Answer: Option A
Who has been conferred with the 'Tansen Samman' for 2018 by the Madhya Pradesh government?
A.    G. S. Sachdev
B.    Lalith J. Rao
C.    Manju Mehta
D.    Zakir Hussain
Answer: Option C

Who among the following was inducted into ICC Cricket Hall of Fame?
A.    Brian Lara
B.    Adam Gilchrist
C.    Steve Waugh
D.    Ricky Ponting
Answer: Option D

Name the American woman who became the youngest woman to win 50 World Cup ski races with victory in the slalom in the French Alps.
A.    Steffi George
B.    Julie Mayer
C.    Gabriel Sollis
D.    Mikaela Shiffrin
Answer: Option D

Reserve Bank of India appointed whom as a chairman of the Economic Capital Framework (ECF) committee?
A.    Bimal Jalan
B.    C. Rangarajan
C.    Urjit Patel
D.    Y. Venugopal Reddy
Answer: Option A

This country formally Announces IWC Withdrawal to resume Commercial Whaling.
A.    South Korea
B.    Japan
C.    Italy
D.    Thailand
Answer: Option B
The first country in Southeast Asia to legalize medical marijuana is;
A.    Indonesia
B.    Myanmar
C.    Thailand
D.    Philippines
Answer: Option C
The 7th National Photography Awards 2019 was organised by the ministry of __________.
A.    Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
B.    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
C.    Ministry of Human Resource Development
D.    Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Answer: Option B

What is the name of the new type of strategic weapon that Russia has planned to introduce?

A.Silbervogel system  B.Sosna-R system C.Avangard system D.PBK-500U Drel system

Correct Ans:Option C

What instrument did the researchers found for cancer that allows viewers to fly through tumour cells, observing every detail from different angles?

A.Virtual Reality (VR) 3D model B.3D Reality model  C.Dynamic Reality (DR) 3D model D.Real Status 3D model (RS3M)

Correct Ans:Option A

Which of the following delivered of 50 U.S. made General Electric (GE) locomotives to the Indian Railways?

A.Tianjin ports B.Adani ports  C.Rotterdam ports D.TATA ports

Correct Ans:Option B

What type of missile system did Russia test recently?

A.hypersonic B.ultrasonic  C.long range D.medium range

Correct Ans:Option A

Which of the following country recently permitted exports of medical marijuana?

A.Iran B.Afghanistan  C.Israel D.Russia

Correct Ans:Option C

Which country recently announced its withdrawal from International Whaling Commission (IWC)?

A.China B.Indonesia  C.Japan D.Sri Lanka

Correct Ans:Option C

Who has been recently appointed as managing director and chief executive officer of the Corporation Bank?

A.P V Bharathi B.K Ramachandran  C.Balakrishna Alse D.Birupaksha Mishra

Correct Ans:Option A

Which of the following police station bagged the top spot in the List of Top 10 Performing Police Stations 2018 across India?

A.Andaman and Nicobar's Campbell Bay B.Tamil Nadu's Periyakulam  C.Puducherry's Nettapakkam D.Kalu police station in Rajasthan's Bikaner

Correct Ans:Option D

Former Union minister Jai Narain Prasad Nishad, who passed recently, was a four-time Lok Sabha member from ____________ constituency of Bihar.

A.Karakat B.Muzaffarpur  C.Darbhanga D.Gaya

Correct Ans:Option B

The Centre has reportedly decided to rename Ross Island in Andaman and Nicobar as ________.

A.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Island B.Shaheed Dweep  C.Swaraj Dweep D.Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Island

Correct Ans:Option D

The Centre has reportedly decided to rename how many islands in Andaman and Nicobar?

A.Three B.Four  C.Two D.Five

Correct Ans:Option A

Which of the following becomes 1st country in Southeast Asia to legalize medical marijuana?

A.Singapore B.Malaysia  C.Thailand D.Indonesia

Correct Ans:Option C

Mekedatu dam has been constructed across ________ river.

A.Krishna B.Cauvery  C.Godaveri D.Ponnaiyar

Correct Ans:Option B

--------- organized a Swachh Bharat Grand Challenge ?

A.Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP)  B.Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited C.National Civil Defence College  D.National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

Correct Ans:Option A

Which of the following State's High Courts are to be bifurcated and function from January 1, 2019?

A.Andhra Pradesh and Telangana B.Telangana and Karnataka  C.Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh D.Karnataka and Maharashtra

Correct Ans:Option A

Which state released the book ‘Prince, Patron and Patriarch Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala?

A.Punjab  B.Tamil Nadu   C.West Bengal D.Kerala

Correct Ans:Option A

Where is the headquarters of Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) ?

A.Chennai  B.Hyderabad  C.New Delhi D.Pune

Correct Ans:Option A

Which state cabinet approves setting up of Bundelkhand, Poorvanchal development boards?

A.Uttar Pradesh  B.Kerala C.Tamil Nadu  D.West Bengal

Correct Ans:Option A

Tribal community Baduga celebrates annual Heddaiyamman festival -----------?

A.Tamil nadu B.Kerala   C.West Bengal D.Karnataka

Correct Ans:Option A

Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana launched in --------?
A.Uttarakhand  B.Chennai C.Pune  D.Hyderabad

Correct Ans:Option A