Civil Engineering Building Construction Important MCQs – 13


The vertical posts placed at the top and bottom ends of a flight supporting the hand rail are known as​​ 

  • Balusters​​ 

  • Newel posts​​ 

  • Balustrades​​ 

  • Railings​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:​​ 

  • The function of foundation is to distribute the load of super structure over a large bearing area​​ 

  • No timbering is required for shallow trenches​​ 

  • Shallow foundations can be constructed on made-up soil​​ 

  • Black cotton soil is very good for foundation bed​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



For the construction of flyovers in sandy soils, the type of foundation provided, is​​ 

  • Strap footing​​ 

  • Raft footing​​ 

  • Combined footing​​ 

  • Pier footing​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



For a rectangular foundation of width b, eccentricity of load should not exceed​​ 

  • b/2​​ 

  • b/3​​ 

  • b/4​​ 

  • b/6​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 


The type of pile which is driven at an inclination to resist inclined forces is known as​​ 

  • Friction pile​​ 

  • Sheet pile​​ 

  • Batter pile​​ 

  • Anchor pile​​ 

Answer: Option C​​ 



The maximum bearing capacity of soil is that of​​ 

  • Black cotton soil​​ 

  • Loose fine sandy soil​​ 

  • Dry coarse sandy soil​​ 

  • Hard rocks​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



Pick up the correct statement from the following:​​ 

  • Cavity of a cavity wall should start near ground level​​ 

  • Cavity of a cavity wall should terminate near eaves level of sloping roof​​ 

  • Cavity of a cavity wall should terminate near coping of flat roof with parapet wall​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The thickness of a reinforced brick partition wall, is generally kept​​ 

  • 5 cm​​ 

  • 10 cm​​ 

  • 15 cm​​ 

  • 20 cm​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



The term string is used for​​ 

  • The underside of a stair​​ 

  • Outer projecting edge of a tread​​ 

  • A sloping member which supports the steps in a stair​​ 

  • A vertical member between two treads​​ 

Answer: Option C​​ 



The 19 cm × 9 cm side of a brick as seen in the wall face, is generally known as​​ 

  • Stretcher​​ 

  • Face​​ 

  • Front​​ 

  • Header​​ 

Answer: Option A​​