Civil Engineering Building Construction Important MCQs – 19


The highest line of sloping roof, where two opposite slopes meet, is known as​​ 

  • Rafter​​ 

  • Ridge​​ 

  • Crown​​ 

  • Eave​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



The depth of the ground water table may be ascertained by​​ 

  • Looking through the well in the vicinity​​ 

  • Standing on the well in the vicinity​​ 

  • Measuring the depth of water in the well​​ 

  • None of the above​​ 

Answer: Option C​​ 



Which of the following metal sheets is most effective in preventing dampness?​​ 

  • Copper sheets​​ 

  • Lead sheets​​ 

  • Aluminium sheets​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



Under reamed piles are generally used for​​ 

  • Machine foundations​​ 

  • Factory building​​ 

  • Tall structures​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:​​ 

  • The width of the wall is constructed thicker at the base in a stepped fashion​​ 

  • A long vertical load transferring concrete structure is called a concrete pile​​ 

  • In pile which transfers the load to the soil by the friction between the pile and the surrounding soil is called friction pile​​ 

  • The pile which transfers the load to a hard rock bed at certain depth is called load bearing​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The rock formed from the solidification of molten matter (magma) is called:​​ 

  • Sedimentary rock​​ 

  • Metamorphic rock​​ 

(C) Igneous rock​​ 

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ (D) None of the above Answer: Option C​​ 



The maximum permissible deflection of a timber beam supporting a roof, is​​ 

  • L/100​​ 

  • L/150​​ 

  • L/260​​ 

  • L/360​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



Negative skin friction​​ 

  • Is a downward drag acting on a pile due to downward movement of the surrounding compressible soil relative to the pile​​ 

  • Develops due to lowering of ground water​​ 

  • Both (a) and (b)​​ 

  • Neither (a) not (b)​​ 

Answer: Option C​​ 



The ceiling height of a building is​​ 

  • Between ceiling and ground level​​ 

  • Between ceiling and floor level​​ 

  • Upto roof above ground level​​ 

  • Upto ceiling from the ground level​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



The skirting/dado in a bath roof should be upto​​ 

  • Ceiling​​ 

  • 15 cm above floor level​​ 

  • 200 cm​​ 

  • Level of the tap​​ 

Answer: Option C​​