Civil Engineering Building Construction Important MCQs – 21


The pile which supports the load partly by friction and partly by resting on hard stratum, is called​​ 

(A) Friction pile (B) Bearing pile​​ 

  • Friction bearing pile​​ 

  • Rough pile​​ 

Answer: Option C​​ 



An ordinary concrete may be made water proof by adding​​ 

  • Pudlo​​ 

  • Impermo​​ 

  • Snowcem​​ 

  • All of these​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The opening provided in sloping roof with its top parallel to the roof surface, is called​​ 

  • Dormer window​​ 

  • Sky light window​​ 

  • Lantern window​​ 

  • Louvered window​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



Pick up the correct statement from the following:​​ 

  • The roof slabs of multi-storeyed buildings are constructed monolithically to carry the various floor loads​​ 

  • The beams of multi-storeyed buildings rest on girders and are the main load transferring members to the columns​​ 

  • The slab is spanned across the secondary beams provided between the main beams (D) All of these​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The window which is provided in flat roof of a room, is known​​ 

(A) Dormer window (B) Lantern window​​ 

  • Louvered window​​ 

  • Sky window​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



Grillage foundation​​ 

  • Is used to transfer heavy structural loads from steel columns to a soil having low bearing capacity​​ 

  • Is light and economical​​ 

  • Does not require deep cutting as the required base area with required pressure intensity is obtained at a shallow depth​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



Pick up the correct statements from the following:​​ 

  • Cracks appear on the plastered surface in the form of hair cracks​​ 

  • In brick work, the efflorescence is removed by applying a solution of zinc sulphate and water​​ 

  • Excessive thermal variations in the backing or plaster causes the plaster to fall​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The window which is provided on a sloping roof of a building, is called​​ 

(A) Lantern window (B) Dormer window​​ 

  • Louvered window​​ 

  • Rash window​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



The single stage well point system of dewatering an excavation can be used if the depth of excavation does not exceed​​ 

  • 5 m​​ 

  • 10 m​​ 

  • 15 m​​ 

  • 20 m​​ 

Answer: Option A​​ 



The nominal thickness of one brick wall in mm, is​​ 

  • 90 mm​​ 

  • 150 mm​​ 

  • 190 mm​​ 

  • 200 mm​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:​​ 

  • The retaining wall should be structurally capable to resist the applied earth pressure​​ 

  • The section of the retaining wall should be so proportioned that it may not overturn by the lateral pressure​​ 

  • The retaining wall should be safe against sliding​​ 

  • To drain off water from the earth retained, weep holes are provided near the top of the retaining wall​​ 

Answer: Option D​​