Civil Engineering Building Construction Important MCQs – 7


The vertical distance between the springing line and highest point of the inner curve of an arch is known as​​ 

  • Intrados​​ 

  • Rise​​ 

  • Spandril​​ 

  • Extrados​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



The entrained concrete is used in lining walls and roofs for making​​ 

  • Heat insulated​​ 

  • Sound insulated​​ 

  • Neither (a) nor (b)​​ 

  • Both (a) and (b)​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The depth of concrete bed of the foundation depends upon​​ 

  • The projection of the concrete block beyond the footing over it​​ 

  • The upward soil pressure​​ 

  • The mix of the concrete​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



A pre-stressed concrete pile is​​ 

  • Easy to handle​​ 

  • Lighter in weight​​ 

  • Extremely durable​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The type of joint commonly used at the junction of a principal rafter and tie beam in timber trusses is​​ 

  • Mortise and tenon joint​​ 

  • Oblique mortise and tenon joint​​ 

  • Butt joint​​ 

  • Mitred joint​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



During percussion drilling​​ 

  • Ground water observations are hindered due to entry of the slurry in the soil below the bottom of the hole​​ 

  • Caving or mixing of strata are caused in soft soils or cohesionless soils​​ 

  • The soil to a considerable depth below the bottom of the hole gets disturbed​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 



The type of stone masonry in which stones of same height are laid in layers, is called​​ 

  • Random rubble masonry​​ 

  • Course rubble masonry​​ 

  • Uncoursed rubble masonry​​ 

  • Ashlar masonry​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



A wooden block fixed on back side of a door frame on its post, is known as​​ 

  • Cleat​​ 

  • Stop​​ 

  • Horn​​ 

  • None of these​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



In a colar beam roof​​ 

  • There is no horizontal tie beam​​ 

  • There is a horizontal tie at the feet of rafters only​​ 

  • There is a horizontal tie at almost the middle of rafters only​​ 

  • There are two horizontal ties, one at the feet and other at the middle of the rafters​​ 

Answer: Option C​​ 



The piece of a brick cut with its one corner equivalent to half the length and half the width of a full brick, is known as​​ 

  • Queen closer​​ 

  • Bevelled closer​​ 

  • King closer​​ 

  • Half king closer​​ 

Answer: Option C​​