Civil Engineering Building Construction Important MCQs – 9


The type of roof suitable in plains where rainfall is meagre and temperature is high is​​ 

  • Pitched and sloping roof​​ 

  • Flat roof​​ 

  • Shell roof​​ 

  • None of the above​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



For constructing a terrazzo floor, Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:​​ 

  • A base course is prepared as in cement concrete flooring​​ 

  • A 32 mm thick layer of cement concrete (1 : 2 : 4) is laid on the base course and the surface is made smooth by trowelling​​ 

  • Glass strips are driven into the layer according to the pattern required​​ 

  • After final grinding is over, oxalic acid mixed with water is spread over and rubbed hard with soft material​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



The arrangement made to support an unsafe structure temporarily, is known as​​ 

  • Shoring​​ 

  • Scaffolding​​ 

  • Underpinning​​ 

  • Jacking​​ 

Answer: Option A​​ 



The type of pointing in which a V-shaped projection outside the wall surface, is provided, is called​​ 

  • Recessed pointing​​ 

  • Weather pointing​​ 

  • V-pointing​​ 

  • Tuck pointing​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



Assertion A : Shishum is used for decorative woodwork.​​ 

Reason R : Shishum can be polished to an excellent finish.​​ 

Select your answer according to the coding system given below:​​ 

  • Both A and R is true and R is the correct explanation of A​​ 

  • Both A and R is true but R is not the correct explanation of A​​ 

  • A is true but R is false​​ 

  • A is false but R is true​​ 

Answer: Option A​​ 



Rotary drilling​​ 

Is not suitable for deposits containing very coarse gravel​​ 

Hinders the ground water observations and permeability test​​ 

Is not economical for holes of less than 10 cm​​ 

All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​ 


Safe bearing capacity of black cotton soil varies from​​ 

  • 2 to 3 t/m2​​ 

  • 5 to 7.5 t/m2​​ 

  • 8 to 10 t/m2​​ 

  • 10 to 12 t/m2​​ 

Answer: Option B​​ 



The window which projects outside a room of a building for admitting more light and air, is known​​ 

  • Bay window​​ 

  • Casement window​​ 

  • Lantern window​​ 

(D) Dormer window​​ 

Answer: Option A​​ 



In the construction of arches, sand box method is used for​​ 

  • Centring​​ 

  • Actual laying of arch work​​ 

  • Striking of centring​​ 

  • None of the above​​ 

Answer: Option C​​ 



In English garden wall bond​​ 

  • One course of headers to three or five course of stretchers​​ 

  • Queen closer in provided in each heading course​​ 

  • The middle course of stretchers is started with a header to give proper vertical joints​​ 

  • All the above​​ 

Answer: Option D​​