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Computer Top MCQs – 10

What is the Websites code for the country Spain?
(A) SI
(B) SP
(C) ES
(D) SN
Answer: Option C

The first web server was built in:
(A) 1990 in Geneva, Switzerland
(B) 1985 in Berkeley, California
(C) 1988 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
(D) 1947 in Birmingham, UK
Answer: Option A

In what year did the Symantec Corporation first release Norton Antivirus?
(A) 1990
(B) 1995
(C) 1988
(D) 1997
Answer: Option A

The IBM PC-XT was the first to include a hard drive. What was the capacity of this disk?
(A) 20 MB
(B) 1.44 MB
(C) 10 MB
(D) 750 KB
Answer: Option C

What is the Websites code for the country Colombia?
(A) CO
(B) CM
(C) CL
(D) CB
Answer: Option A

Which of the following word processors came first?
(A) WordPerfect
(B) Lotus Notes
(C) MS Word
(D) WordStar
Answer: Option D

According to CNN, how much did Internet traffic increase between 1994 and 1996?
(A) Two times
(B) Five times
(C) Ten times
(D) Twenty-five times
Answer: Option D
What is the Websites code for the country Bulgaria?
(A) BU
(B) BR
(C) BL
(D) BG
Answer: Option D

In 1983, which person was the first to offer a definition of the term ‘computer virus’?
(A) McAfee
(B) Smith
(C) Cohen
(D) Norton
Answer: Option C

What is the World Wide Web?
(A) A computer game
(B) A software program
(C) The part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages
(D) Another name for the Internet
Answer: Option C