Computer Top MCQs – 4 – is an example of what?
(B) An access code
(C) A directory
(D) A server
Answer: Option A

How many bits is a byte?
(A) 4
(B) 8
(C) 16
(D) 32
Answer: Option B
How do you subscribe to an Internet mailing list?
(A) Contact your Internet service provider
(B) Send e-mail to the list manager
(C) Telephone the mailing list webmaster
(D) Send a letter to the list
Answer: Option B

Computers calculate numbers in what mode?
(A) Decimal
(B) Octal
(C) Binary
(D) None of the above
Answer: Option C

The speed of your net access is defined in terms of:
(B) MHz
(C) Kbps
(D) Megabytes
Answer: Option C

The desktop of a computer refers to:
(A) The visible screen
(B) The area around the monitor
(C) The top of the mouse pad
(D) The inside of a folder
Answer: Option A

Which of these is a search engine?
(B) Google
(C) Archie
Answer: Option B

The letters, DOS stand for:
(A) Data Out System
(B) Disk Out System
(C) Disk Operating System
(D) Data Operating System
Answer: Option C

What does CPU stand for?
(A) Cute People United
(B) Commonwealth Press Union
(C) Computer Parts of USA
(D) Central Processing Unit
Answer: Option D

Modem stands for:
(A) Modulator Demodulator
(B) Monetary Devaluation Exchange Mechanism
(C) Memory Demagnetization
(D) Monetary Demarcation
Answer: Option A