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Computer Top MCQs – 6

What do you call a computer on a network that requests files from another computer?
(A) A client
(B) A host
(C) A router
(D) A web server
Answer: Option A

Hardware devices that are not part of the main computer system and are often added later to the system.
(A) Peripheral
(B) Clip art
(C) Highlight
(D) Execute
Answer: Option A

The main computer that stores the files that can be sent to computers that are networked together is:
(A) Clip art
(B) Mother board
(C) Peripheral
(D) File server
Answer: Option D

How can you catch a computer virus?
(A) Sending e-mail messages
(B) Using a laptop during the winter
(C) Opening e-mail attachments
(D) Shopping online
Answer: Option C

Google (www.google.com) is a:
(A) Search Engine
(B) Number in Math
(C) Directory of images
(D) Chat service on the web
Answer: Option A

Which is not an internet protocol?
(D) IP
Answer: Option C

Which of the following is not a valid domain name?
(A) http://www.yahoo.com
(B) http://www.yahoo.co.uk
(C) http://www.com.yahoo
(D) http://www.yahoo.co.in
Answer: Option C

AOL stands for:
(A) Arranged Outer Line
(B) America Over LAN
(C) Audio Over LAN
(D) America Online
Answer: Option D

Another name for a computer chip is:
(A) Execute
(B) Micro chip
(C) Microprocessor
(D) Select
Answer: Option B

www stands for:
(A) World Wide Web
(B) World Wide Wares
(C) World Wide Wait
(D) World Wide War
Answer: Option A