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Computer Top MCQs – 8

In which decade was the Internet first implemented?
(A) 1940s
(B) 1950s
(C) 1960s
(D) 1980s
Answer: Option C

Where are the contents of your computer’s hard drive indexed? (A) Yahoo!
(B) Google
(D) None of the above
Answer: Option D

Main circuit board in a computer is:
(A) Decoder
(B) Highlight
(C) Select
(D) Mother board
Answer: Option D

ISP stands for:
(A) Internet Survey Period
(B) Integrated Service Provider
(C) Internet Security Protocol
(D) Internet Service Provider
Answer: Option D

Internet Explorer is a:
(A) Any person browsing the net
(B) Web Browser
(C) Graphing Package
(D) News Reader
Answer: Option B
Lately you hear a clatter from your computer, especially when you load a program or call up information. What’s going on?
(A) It’s infested with reindeer
(B) Your hard disk may be headed for failure
(C) A loose wire is hitting the cooling fan
(D) A loud metallic clatter is normal
Answer: Option B

The http you type at the beginning of any site’s address stands for:
(A) HTML Transfer Technology Process
(B) Hyperspace Terms and Tech Protocol
(C) Hyperspace Techniques & Tech Progress
(D) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Answer: Option D

Which company created the most used networking software in the 1980’s
(A) Microsoft
(B) Sun
(D) Novell
Answer: Option B

Which of the following operating systems is produced by IBM?
(A) OS-2
(B) Windows
Answer: Option A

Which is the best search tool for finding Web sites that have been handpicked and recommended by someone else?
(A) Subject directories
(B) Search engines
(C) Meta-search engines
(D) Discussion groups
Answer: Option A