General Science Basic Technology – Top MCQs – 4

The input used by an antenna or cable to a TV set uses frequencies called?
(A) IF
(B) RF
(C) AF
Answer: Option B

Larger buildings may be supplied with a medium voltage electricity supply, and will require a substation or mini-sub. What is the main item of equipment contained in these?
(A) Transformer
(B) Transponder
(C) Transducer
(D) Converter
Answer: Option A

What was the active medium used in the first working laser ever constructed?
(A) A diamond block
(B) Helium-neon gas
(C) A ruby rod
(D) Carbon dioxide gas
Answer: Option C

What is “Hot Line”?
(A) An Electric wire
(B) Line of control in the battle field
(C) Imaginary line indicating atmospheric pressure
(D) A telecommunication link
Answer: Option D

Blue is what number on the resistor color code?
(A) 1
(B) 4
(C) 2
(D) 6
Answer: Option D

What is an FET?
(A) Farad Effect Transformer
(B) Field Effect Transformer
(C) Field Effect Transistor
(D) French Energy Transfer
Answer: Option C

How many diodes are in a full wave bridge rectifier?
(A) 8
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 3
Answer: Option C

Which device can be used to store charge?
(A) Transistor
(B) Diode
(C) Capacitor
(D) Resistor
Answer: Option C

Name the terminals of a BJT.
(A) Drain, Gate, Source
(B) Positive, Negative, Neutral
(C) Anode, Cathode, Triode
(D) Emitter, Base, Collector
Answer: Option D

A DV camcorder is:
(A) Capable of creating video in HDTV
(B) Used to create digital video
(C) Limited to the Direct Video format
(D) A Denon Video brand product
Answer: Option B