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General Science Biology top MCQs – 5

What is the normal red blood count per cubic mm?
(A) 2 million red blood cells
(B) 3 million red blood cells
(C) 4 million red blood cells
(D) 5 million red blood cells
Answer: Option B

How much of blood does the normal human heart on each of its contraction pump into the arteries?
(A) 30 cm3
(B) 60 cm3
(C) 30 cm5
(D) 60 cm5
Answer: Option B

Dialysis is used in the case of the patients suffering from
(A) Heart disease
(B) Kidney disease
(C) Respiratory disease
(D) Neurology disease
Answer: Option B

Sphygmomanometer measures
(A) Blood pressure
(B) Depth of ocean
(C) Magnetic flux
(D) Electric current
Answer: Option A

Philology is the
(A) Study of bones
(B) Study of muscles
(C) Study of architecture
(D) Science of languages
Answer: Option D

Which amongst the following has the lowest metabolic rate of oxygen consumption (mm3/g hour)?
(A) Dog
(B) Elephant
(C) Horse
(D) Man
Answer: Option B

The branch of science that studies cells is called
(A) Cytology
(B) Entomology
(C) Homoplasty
(D) Hormonology
Answer: Option A

The range of R.B.C to W.B.C in the human body is
(A) 15 : 500
(B) 10 : 500
(C) 5 : 500
(D) 1 : 500
Answer: Option D
Ecology deals with
(A) Birds
(B) Cell formation
(C) Relation between organisms and their environment
(D) Tissues
Answer: Option C

In which season do we need more fat?
(A) Rainy season
(B) Spring
(C) Winter
(D) Summer
Answer: Option C