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General Science Biology top MCQs – 8

Normal adult human male has
(A) 10 gram of haemoglobin/100 gram of blood
(B) 14 gram of haemoglobin/100 gram of blood
(C) 18 gram of haemoglobin/100 gram of blood
(D) 24 gram of haemoglobin/100 gram of blood
Answer: Option B

Plant bends towards the source of light on account of the movement of curvature known as
(A) Geotropism
(B) Thigmotropism
(C) Chemotropism
(D) Phototropism
Answer: Option D

Monocot root differs from dicot root in having
(A) Open vascular bundles
(B) Scattered vascular bundles
(C) Well developed pith
(D) Radially arranged vascular bundles
Answer: Option C

Mumps is a disease caused by
(A) Fungus
(B) Bacterium
(C) Virus
(D) None of these
Answer: Option C

Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named
(A) Haemoglobin
(B) Keratin
(C) Collagen
(D) Myoglobin
Answer: Option A

Pollination by wind is called
(A) Anemophily
(B) Hydrophily
(C) Zoophily
(D) Entomophily
Answer: Option A

Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called
(A) Osmosis
(B) Active transport
(C) Diffusion
(D) Passive transport
Answer: Option B

Plant development is influenced by
(A) Quality of light only
(B) Quality and quantity of light
(C) Quality and duration of light
(D) Quality, quantity and duration of light
Answer: Option D

Out of 900 reported species of living gymnosperms, conifers are represented by about 500 species, About 2,50,000 species of angiosperms (flowering plants) have also been reported in the world.
The vast and dominant woodlands in Europe, Asia, North America and mountains such as
Himalayas are wooded with
(A) All gymnosperms, except conifers
(B) Only angiosperms
(C) Only conifers
(D) Angiosperms and all gymnosperms except conifers
Answer: Option C

Other than spreading malaria, anopheles mosquitoes are also vectors of
(A) Dengue fever
(B) Filariasis
(C) Encephalitis
(D) Yellow fever
Answer: Option B