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Physics Top MCQs – 10

Pick out the scalar quantity
(A) Force
(B) Pressure
(C) Velocity
(D) Acceleration
Answer: Option B

Of the following natural phenomena, tell which one known in Sanskrit as ‘deer’s thirst’?
(A) Rainbow
(B) Earthshine
(C) Halo
(D) Mirage
Answer: Option D

The buoyancy depends on
(A) The shape of the body
(B) The mass of the body
(C) The mass of the liquid displaced
(D) The depth to which the body is immersed
Answer: Option C

The ozone layer is being destroyed by chlorofluorocarbons. In this regard which do you consider as the most harmful?
(A) Carbon atom
(B) Chlorine atom
(C) Fluorine atom
(D) The entire compound
Answer: Option B

Venturi tube is used for
(A) Measuring intensity of earthquakes
(B) Measuring specific gravity
(C) Measuring density
(D) Measuring flow of a fluid
Answer: Option D

The ozone layer restricts
(A) Visible light
(B) Infrared radiation
(C) X-rays and gamma rays
(D) Ultraviolet radiation
Answer: Option D

Free surface of a liquid behaves like a sheet and tends to contract to the smallest possible area due to the
(A) Force of adhesion
(B) Force of friction
(C) Centrifugal force
(D) Force of cohesion
Answer: Option D

The Halley’s Comet will be visible again in the year
(A) 2066 A.D.
(B) 2064 A.D.
(C) 2062 A.D.
(D) 2060 A.D.
Answer: Option C

Summer solstice occurs in the Northern hemisphere
(A) March 21
(B) April 21
(C) May 21
(D) June 21
Answer: Option D

The ozone layer of the earth is useful for living beings because
(A) It serves as the source of oxygen by decomposing air
(B) It maintains the nitrogen cycle of the earth
(C) It maintains the temperature of the earth
(D) It protects them from excessive ultraviolet rays of the sun
Answer: Option D