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Physics Top MCQs – 11

When the Sun reaches its maximum distance from the equator, it is known as
(A) Solstice
(B) Eclipse
(C) Equinox
(D) Sidereal Day
Answer: Option A

Imaginary lines drawn on a global map from pole to pole and from the perpendicular to the equator are called
(A) Contours
(B) Isobars
(C) Meridians
(D) Steppes
Answer: Option C

Gravity setting chambers are used in industries to remove
(C) Suspended particulate matter
(D) CO
Answer: Option C
A pond may be referred to as
(A) An artificial eco-system
(B) A natural eco-system
(C) A biome
(D) A community of plants and animals
Answer: Option B

Fathometer is used to measure
(A) Earthquakes
(B) Rainfall
(C) Ocean depth
(D) Sound intensity
Answer: Option C

At the equator, the duration of a day is
(A) 10 hrs
(B) 12 hrs
(C) 14 hrs
(D) 16 hrs
Answer: Option A

The term “Refraction of light” means
(A) Bending of light rays when they enter from one medium to another medium
(B) Bending of light round the corners of obstacles and apertures
(C) Coming back of light from a bright smooth surface
(D) None of these
Answer: Option A

Fish plates in Railway tracks are used to
(A) Connect two rails
(B) Join two coaches
(C) Guide the wheels
(D) Avoid fishes on the track
Answer: Option A

On a night when the sky is clear, the temperature may dip considerably; on a cloudy night the temperature will usually dip much less. The reason for this difference is that
(A) The clear sky allows radiant energy to escape readily from the earth
(B) On a cloudy night the clouds are warm and therefore retard the cooling
(C) The clear sky allows the cold of outer space to reach the earth
(D) Current of air carries the heat away from the earth on a clear night
Answer: Option A

Of the four locations mentioned below the highest inside temperature will be attained in the pressure cooker operated with the pressure valve open
(A) At sea level
(B) At the top of Mt. Everest
(C) At a place in a valley below sea level
(D) In an aeroplane flying at a height of 10,000 m with inside pressure maintained at the sea level
Answer: Option C