RRB JE exam Civil Engineering Building Materials Important MCQs – 6

51. The process of mixing clay, water and other ingredients to make brick is known as
a) kneading
b) moulding
c) pugging
d) drying
Correct Option: a

52. Advantage of a clamp compared​​ to a kiln for burning bricks is that
a)    it takes less time for burning
b) it gives more output of first class bricks
c) it has less initial cost
d) it is suitable when bricks are required in large numbers
Correct Option: c

53.   The internal size of mould used in brick preparation is
a) equal to the size of a fully burnt brick
b) smaller than the size of a fully burnt brick
c) greater than the size of a fully burnt brick
d) none of the above
Correct Option: c

54. Pug mill is used for
a) preparation of clay
b) moulding of clay
c) drying of bricks
d) burning of bricks
Correct Option: a

55. Which of the following bricks are used for lining of furnaces ?
a) overburnt bricks
b) underburnt bricks
c) refractory bricks  
d) first class bricks
Correct Option: c

56. The frog of the brick in a brick masonry is generally kept on
a) bottom face
b) top face
c) shorter side
d) longer side
Correct Option: b

57. Number of bricks required for one cubic metre of brick masonry is
a) 400
b) 450
c) 500
d) 550
Correct Option: c

58. Glazing is used to make earthenware
a) hard
b) soft
c) porous
d) impervious
Correct Option: d

59. Quick lime is
a) calcium carbonate
b) calcium oxide
c) calcium hydroxide
d) none of the above
 Correct Option: b

60. Quick lime is
i)    slow in setting
ii)   rapid in slacking
iii) good in strength The correct Correct Optionwer is
a) only (i)
b) only (ii)
c) both (i) and (ii)
d) both (ii) and (iii)
Correct Option: c