Top & Important Current Affairs MCQs – April 2 2019

In this Page we have shared the top April 2/2019 current affairs MCQs. Which will be very useful for Current Affairs and General Awareness section of all competitive examinations.


Q1:)​​ Who won the​​ Bahrain Grand Prix 2019 title?

A.Lewis Hamilton

B.Valtteri Bottas

C.Charles Leclerc

D.Max Verstappen

Answer: Option A


Q2:)​​ Who is the author of the non-fiction book titled India Positive?

A.Vikram Seth

B.Kiran Desai

C.Salman Rushdie

D.Chetan Bhagat

Answer: Option D


Q3:)​​ When was World Piano Day observed?

A.30th March

B.29th March

C.28th March

D.31st March

Answer: Option B


Q4:)​​ How many MoU's are signed between India and Chile recently?





Answer: Option C


Q5:)​​ 2019 Indian Badminton Tournament was held in



C.New Delhi


Answer: Option C


Q6:)​​ Who is the author of​​ the book "Gandhi: The Writer"?

A.Bhabhani Bhattacharya

B.Amit Chaudhuri

C.Ravinder Singh

D.Durjoy Datta

Answer: Option A