Top & Important Current Affairs MCQs – April 3 2019

In this Page we have shared the top April 3/2019 current affairs MCQs. Which will be very useful for Current Affairs and General Awareness section of all competitive examinations.


Q1:)​​ What is the Current account deficit (CAD) of India in the 3rd quarter of the year 2019?

A.2.1% of GDP

B.2.3% of GDP

C.2.5% of GDP

D.2.9% of GDP

Answer: Option C


Q2:)​​ According to Asian Development Outlook report, India's Growth Rate in 2019 is​​ 

A.7.2 %

B.7.4 %

C.7.5 %

D.6.9 %

Answer: Option A


Q3:)​​ Which country launches the world's first fully-fledged 5G mobile networks?



C.South Korea


Answer: Option C


Q4:)​​ The European Union has launched two World Trade Organization (WTO) disputes against which two countries?

A.Poland, Spain

B.Italy, France

C.India, Turkey

D.Austria, Denmark

Answer: Option C


Q5:)​​ Google on April 2, 2019, officially shut down its social media platform Google+, which was launched in _______.


B.2009 ​​ 



Answer: Option D


Q6:)​​ Who won the John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award?

A.Sanjiv Chopra ​​ 

B.Vikram Patel  ​​​​ 

C.Karthik Ramanna ​​ 

D.Krishna G. Palepu​​ 

Answer: Option B


Q7:)​​ GST has given a record high collection of the month of March.

A.Rs.5 trillion ​​ 

B.Rs.2.82 trillion  ​​​​ 

C.Rs.1.06 trillion ​​ 

D.Rs.3.4 trillion ​​ 

Answer: Option C


Q8:)​​ Google India head, who resigns after 8 years, is​​ 

A.Manik Gupta​​ 

B.Amit Singhal ​​ 

C.Vikas Agnihotri​​ 

D.Rajan Anandan​​ 

Answer: Option D


Q9:)​​ Interaction on Trade and Economic Cooperation with Oceania Countries was held at which place recently?

a)​​  Sydney​​ 


c)​​  Wellington

d)​​  New Delhi

Answer:​​ Option D


Q10:)​​ According to which report, India and China have collectively accounted for more than 50% of global five million deaths due to air pollution?

a)​​  Air Pollution and World-2019

b)​​  State of Global Air-2019

c)​​  Statistics of Air-2018-19

d)​​  Human life and air pollution-2019

Answer:​​ Option B