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Units & Measurements Top MCQs – 4

Hygrometer is used to measure
(A) Relative humidity
(B) Purity of milk
(C) Specific gravity of liquid
(D) None of the above
Answer: Option A

Which of the following instruments is used for recording “Earthquake waves”?
(A) Barograph
(B) Hydrograph
(C) Pantograph
(D) Seismograph
Answer: Option D

Which of the following is not a unit of time?
(A) Light year
(B) Nano second
(C) Micro second
(D) Second
Answer: Option A

Light Year is related to
(A) Energy
(B) Speed
(C) Distance
(D) Intensity
Answer: Option C

The energy of food is measured in
(A) Kelvin
(B) Calories
(C) Bushel
(D) None of the above
Answer: Option B

The SI unit of __________ is named after Andre Marie Ampere.
(A) Power
(B) Potential difference
(C) Electric current
(D) Energy
Answer: Option C

What is the S.I. unit of temperature?
(A) Kelvin
(B) Celsius
(C) Centigrade
(D) Fahrenheit
Answer: Option A

The telescope is used for viewing
(A) Distant objects
(B) Near objects
(C) Small objects
(D) Living cells
Answer: Option A

Velocity of wind is measured by
(A) Speedometer
(B) Tachometer
(C) Anemometer
(D) Audiometer
Answer: Option C

Telescope is used to
(A) Distant objects in space
(B) Distant objects in water
(D) To view tiny Objects
(E) None of these
Answer: Option A