Computer Fundamentals Practice MCQ Question And Answer

Computer Fundamentals Practice MCQ Question And Answer

In this post, you all will be told what is the fundamentals of computers and all the objective questions being asked on it are given below which can be asked in your exam, test and interview and for that it is very important. If you also have computer knowledge, then you will know about computer fundamentals. You must know that all the questions given below are related to computer fundamentals. A lot of hard work has been done in making these questions so that you can clear your exam or interview well.


Many posts have been written on this topic, which you can see by clicking below. All of them have only computer fundamental-related questions like Computer Fundamental, Miscellaneous, Computer Operating System, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access, Tally, Microsoft Windows and Internet and Web Developed Technology. All these topics have been covered very well in this post and I have tried to pose as many objective questions as possible.



What is Computer 

A computer is a machine that is run by electricity or we can say that a computer is an electronic device, it is such a modern machine.
Which completes our many tasks very quickly and easily. Most people are using computers in their daily lives.


Use of Computer

As you all know, computers are being used in every region of the world.
Such as schools, colleges, airports, railway stations, banks, transport, industries, businesses, space film production etc.

It only follows those commands already put into it, because it cannot think and understand.

The person who creates programs for the computer is called the “Programmer” and the person who runs the computer is called the “User”.

  • Computer Fundamental Miscellaneous

  • Operating System

  • MS World

  • MS Excel

  • Power Point

  • MS Access

  • Tally

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Internet And Web Technology

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